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Beat Driving Anxiety

HOW TO OVERCOME DRIVING ANXIETY Driving anxiety can happen due to many reasons. One of them can be when a person is stressed due to other problems in life and adding on to it can be the fear in sitting behind the wheels. One can be afraid of driving because they have witnessed car accidents…
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The Best Driving School for your Teen

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL FOR YOUR TEEN Choose the best driving school for your teen Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in Canada. According to Transport Canada, drivers aged between 16 and 19 years are at the highest risk to succumb to vehicle crash injuries -- a scary thought for parents. But just…
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G2 License in Ontario

G2 LICENSE IN ONTARIO Important facts about acquiring G2 license in Ontario The G2 driver's license is the second level of driving license in Ontario, Canada. Privileges under G2 license: • G2 license holders can drive anytime of the day and night. Unlike a G1 license holder, G2 license holders can drive without an experienced…
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Driving Anxiety

Driving Anxiety Driving anxiety is commonly found among many individuals. It often results up to panic attacks, preventing the individual to drive the car or stop driving abruptly. Driving anxiety is not impossible to overcome. With little bit of planning and determination, this anxiety can be removed completely. Proper training in driving schools often helps…
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