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G2 License in Ontario


Important facts about acquiring G2 license in Ontario
The G2 driver's license is the second level of driving license in Ontario, Canada.

Privileges under G2 license:
• G2 license holders can drive anytime of the day and night. Unlike a G1 license holder, G2 license holders can drive without an experienced driver in their car.
• G2 license holders can drive G class vehicles that include car, truck and vans. However, the vehicle's weight should be less than 11,000 kilograms.
• G2 license holders can attach additional devices (such as towing device) to their vehicles. However, the total weight of the cargo and the towing device should not cross the limit of 4,600 kilograms.

• G2 drivers should always wear a seat belt while driving. The passengers in the car should also wear seat belts.
• They should maintain a zero blood-alcohol level while driving.
• They can only have one passenger (aged 19 years or below) while they are driving between 12am and 5am. This will be applicable for the first 6 months after receiving a G2 license.
• After 6 months, they can take 2-3 passengers (19 years or below) while driving between 12am and 5am.
Note: there are certain exemptions to the restrictions imposed on G2 license holders. For instance - the passenger rule is not applicable if:
• the passengers are the family members of the G2 license holder
• a fully licensed and experienced driver is sitting beside the G2 license holder.

How to get a G2 drivers license in Ontario?
You can apply for the G2 license if you have been holding the G1 license for at least a year. However, you can take the G2 test just after 8 months of acquiring G1 license if – you take a special driving course (accredited by The Ministry of Transportation).

Driving assessment:

The G2 road test assesses the driver on several areas. A few of these are:
• changing lanes
• making turns
• using signals
• making roadside stops
• parallel parking
• handling road curves
• doing a three-point turn.

Expressway driving is an important part of the G2 test. As a result – you will be required to complete the "Declaration of Highway Driving Experience". This declaration will ensure that you have adequate experience in driving on highway/expressway.

Note: in this declaration, you will have to state:
• How frequent you have droven on the highway? (with minimum speed of 80km/hr)
• How long has been the driving?
• How can you prepare for the G2 test?
• Remember the car should meet the standards of the Ministry of Transportation.
• Make sure that the vehicle has a valid license plate.

Do check the car parts such as -
• car mirrors, brakes, horn, car tires, parking brake, signal lights, windshield wipers, headlights, engine, seat belts etc.
• Check the car's gas tank before you set out to drive.
• Buckle your seat belt properly.
• Do signal before changing the road sides/lanes.
• Leave an adequate space between you car and the one in front of you.
• Do keep a constant check of the traffic while driving.